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Calvert County Health Department Core Service Agency Board Agenda and Minutes

Agenda: February 8, 2017

Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions

Business Items:

  • David Gale, CSA Director

Approval of minutes for December CSA Board meeting.

Old Business:

  • 2nd Quarter monitoring – CSA was found to be in compliance.
  • SOAR training – Went very well and was well attended – 28 individuals.

New Business:

  • Next steps for SOAR
  • Disconnected Youth Results Based Leadership Program – 1.3 million dollar grant from Governor’s office on Children and Annie E. Casey Foundation, to include 10 counties and Calvert County will begin May of 2017.
  • Review of the Annual Plan:

Administration Budget – F821N – MH391OTH – award amount $227,220.00
                                                                            YTD spent   $123,191.00

Federal Block Grant – GOPATS – MH248OTH – award amount $78,237.00
                                                                            YTD spent  $33,627.00

Mental Health service – F834N – MH026OTH – award amount $ 407,796.00


Award total

YTD expenditures

Jail program

$ 61,256.00


Court Assessor



Emergency Psych Services



Urgent Care



Client Support/Pharmacy



Family Navigation



Client Support/C&A



Wellness & Recovery – OOO



  • Goals for 2018 – please see attached for reference.

Program Updates:

  • CSA – Loida Walker and Cynthia Middleton
  • Behavioral Health update – Doris McDonald
  • Crisis Intervention Center update – Jennifer Edwards
  • On Our Own – JoAnn Adams
  • DSS -  Cheryl Harms
  • Calvert County Government – Maureen Hoffman
  • Veteran affairs – Dave Spigler
  • Recruitment for Board Vacancies
  • Updates from Board member’s

 NEXT MEETING:  April 12, 2017 @ noon!


Minutes: December 14, 2016

December 14, 2016
Calvert Substance Abuse Services
280 Stafford Road
Barstow, Maryland 20610


David Gale  
Cheryl Harms  Jennifer Edwards
Kristy Wines   Dave Spigler
Cynthia Middleton  Doris McDonald
Brenda James Patricia Estep
Sam Bauman Loida Walker


David Gale, CSA Director, called the meeting to order

Adoption of Minutes: The minutes from October 2016 were distributed and approved.

Business items:

  • Rollover funding has not been approved, should have approval sometime in January. $8,000.00 will be used for training – MHFA for first responders, Sam Bauman is working on two ideas, Child Welfare Trauma (2-day training), and Understanding the links between adolescent trauma and substance abuse. We have partnered with the BHC in purchasing of an online training program for ASAM, area providers and staff from CMH will benefit from this training.
  • Annual Plan process is moving along, working on data and tables at this time. Our due date is February 22nd and will need to have it reviewed by the Board at our February 8th meeting.
  • Audit was done on CSA, specifically OOO, and there were a few areas that were flagged for failing to comply with DHMH audit standards. Still waiting on final findings to be submitted to the Health Department before we make changes.
  • Started discussions with John Newman at BHA in reference to a couple of programs – Urgent Care and Consumer Supports (adult), there has been a notable decline in spending in these programs. Ideas have been presented.
  • SOAR – area training will be held in Barstow on 1/24/17 & 1/25/17.
  • On 1/26/17 there will be a CIT conference in Catonsville, David Gale will be attending and reaching out to the Sheriff’s office to attend as well.
  • Introduction of the CSA’s new Child and Adolescent Coordinator – Cynthia Middleton.

Program update from CSA Adult Coordinator - Loida Walker:

  • Court Assessor – 138 individuals have been served so far.
  • Urgent Care – there were 8 referrals for the month with a 75% kept rate.
  • FBG – Oct and Nov., five new clients and a total of 150 services.
  • Bus Passes – noticing a lot of passes are being returned, checking with staff to ensure that they no longer need the pass and will make changes and hopefully be able to give the 90 day pass to one’s that have been on the wait list for awhile.

Crisis Intervention Center update with Jennifer Edwards:

  • Have been working on the VOCA grant, happy to announce that CIC received a 2 year approval.
  • Safe Harbor – there are currently 10 women and 6 children.
  • CHRC – AIP proposal has been given to Dr. Polsky

DSS – Cheryl Harms:

  • Modernizing their computer programs, DHR will now be web based and allow for better access for consumers. Also hoping to get approval to use DOLLAR space, this will allow for them to set up a “one-stop-shop” for the public to service any and all needs.

Veteran Affairs – Dave Spigler:

  • American Legion – picked up publications on how Vets can get service.
  • Looking for ideas for story the new year – 2017.

Doris McDonald – BHC:

  • Walk-ins have been amazing and are now at every site, there are actually to many and not enough staff. Kathy Atkinson will now be full time at the Lusby location.
  • A 12-step recovery group is starting up.
  • Working on re-entry program, CHRC Grant which is due the 15th of December, Dr. Polsky has been working on it and should have an answer by February of 2017. Also working on adding mental health counseling at the jail.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Wines
Office Supervisor

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