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Perc Test

Wet Season Percolation Testing

WetSeacon Perc Testing

Our groundwater levels are rising in a substantial way and therefore we are asking for all lot corners or test locations to be staked out at this time. Based on the trends, we expect that we will begin to schedule wet season percolation tests in early to mid December 2020 and the tests will generally be scheduled in accordance with the date that we received the application. It is possible that groundwater levels may decline into the new year and testing may need to be suspended, but we will make judgments on that as we receive data.   

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter and we look forward to working with you all! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Environmental Health Office at 410-535-3922, x25.


Matt Cumers

What is a Percolation Test?

The percolation test is designed to determine the soil suitability of a site for a subsurface private sewage disposal system (i.e. septic system). More specifically, a percolation test measures the ability of the soil to absorb liquid. Septic system designers use the results of percolation tests to properly construct septic systems. The uniform slowest rate of drop of the water level over a measured time interval is converted to minutes per inch and used as a basis of design in determining the septic system size.

Soil conditions are one of the criteria used for determining the suitability of a site for construction. Critical area designations, slopes, zoning restrictions and other conditions are also factored into the approval process for a construction permit.

Fees for service:

Record plat approvals - $50.00/lot
Subdivision of land - $250.00/lot
Site plan revisions - $50.00/each revision
New Septic Applications (Percs) $325.00
Public Sewer Review $50.00
Septic Repair Application $275.00
Request for Renewal of Septic Approval/Permit $50.00

If you have any questions please call Environmental Health at 410-535-3922.

If you have any questions about testing you may email Matthew Cumers at

If you have questions about applications or refunds you may email Carrie Antonetti at  


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